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Dear friends,

It has been about two months since I last wrote a DA journal entry.
Thanks for those who are still following me on DA though I am not very active this year. I hope I will have time to attend more conventions and cosplay meetings next year, so I can share my new experience with you guys. ^ ^
Christmas and New Year are coming, the school term is ending soon. I suppose everyone has more or less started to prepare for what they would like to do in 2012, so I would like to write a summary about my 2011 memory and what I will look forward to in 2012.

I have just realised that there isn't many conventions I have attended this year, the only three I have attended are Leipziger Buchmesse in Leipzig (Germany), Animefest in Brno (Czech Republic), and ADvik in Prague (Czech Republic). The main reason why I couldn't attend any other convention was that I was still an IB student, the pressure was over-whelming and of course I don't want to risk failing any exam. But there had been a serious problem going on between my parents which even put me and my sisters in danger, we were not able to concentrate on our schoolwork since our parents were quarrelling on daily basis. It was a disaster for me because this is one of those years in one's life that matters, I could hardly bear the pressure from IB curriculum but  to the worst I had to deal with family problem at the same time. Now the problem has been partly solved, but I fell far behind all the deadlines because I had to take time off lessons to talk with the police and other people who were concerned.

I lost the confidence to do well in IB, cumulated essays and expeirment reports made me desperate, so I decided to transfor to a new school in the UK and study A-Levels instread. I want to study art in the future so I think going to a specialist art school would be more benefitial to me, and I would love to live in the UK. Luckily, my mother was willing to support me.

Over the past two months, I spent time discussing with the headmaster in my current school (ECP), and the principle of the school (ISCA) which I am transfering to. I travelled to the UK for the school interview, the teaching staff there were very kind and I appreciated the living environment there. The application turned out successful, so I look forward to move into the school at the beginning of January. I am really excited about moving to the UK, as I have mentioned in my previous journal entry, I love British culture and international community. The best thing is that I am going to study in an art school, my A-Level subjects will be mostly based on art so it's great for me!


I also look forward to meet more cosplayers in the UK, especially in London, my school is near to London so I will have the chance to travel to London sometimes. So far, I have decided to do cosplay of characters from [Durarara!!], [Uta no Prince-sama], and  [Gintama/Silver Soul] for 2012, if you are planning to cosplay any character from these series, please feel free to write me a message or add me on Facebook ~> w <////

    :superman:!!!MY 2012 COSPLAY PLAN!!!:superman:

:target:HYPER JAPAN 2012 at Earl's Court, London:flaguk:
:bulletyellow:Natsuki/Satsuki Shinomiya (School Uniform Ver.) - [Uta no Prince-sama]
:bulletpink:Delic - [Durarara!!]

:target:MCM May 2012 at ExCeL, London:flaguk:
:bulletorange:Sougo Okita from [Gintama/Silver Soul]
:bulletyellow:Natsuki Shinomiya (Concert Costume Ver.) - [Uta no Prince-sama]

:target:MCM October 2012 at ExCeL, London:flaguk:
[Not decided yet]

:bulletwhite:Gintoki Sakata - [Gintama/Silver Soul]:star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletblack:Toushirou Hijikata - [Gintama/Silver Soul]:star::star-half::star-empty:
:bulletred:Izaya Orihara - [Durarara!!]:star::star::star:
:bulletyellow:Shizuo Heiwajima - [Durarara!!]:star::star::star-half:
:bulletblue:Rin Okumura - [Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist]:star::star::star-empty:

:xmas::xmas::xmas::xmas::xmas::rudolph::santa:Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!:santa::rudolph::xmas::xmas::xmas::xmas::xmas:

Love from,
  • Watching: Gintama 166
  • Eating: Tagoyaki
  • Drinking: Ramune
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DiavoloKumo Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011

Ahem. Forgive my random spazz~ XD Anyway I do hope you're fine now! And omg. Are you taking the actual A-Levels during 2013? If that's the case you'll be my enemy for a year~ OvO But derp, not enemy, RIVAL. <3
That aside, I'm making my cosplay debut this Saturday as Police!America <3 I'm godfreaking excited and nervous at the same time XD Let's team up next time when we meet each other! It'll be fun!
belphy Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Student General Artist
Of course I do, and I'm glad to hear about your cosplay debut! Congratulations!! > w <////

I will be taking the A-Level curriculum from January 2012 to June 2013, so I suppose you are right. But why enemy? I think we are more like battle companions~ XDDD And I hope you can come to London someday.

I look forward to see your cosplay photos, will you upload them on DeviantART or Facebook?
DiavoloKumo Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
Oh god I thought you had loooooong forgotten about me! Glad to hear I'm still somewhere in your mind XD And thank you! It felt good to cosplay! Except the binding part~ XD Check out those blisters yo~

Oh we're not rivals XD Well, battle companions I guess~ I'll be taking my A's examinations during mid-November in 2013 though! Please help me with my studies! QmQ I'm sure I'll go over to London! But you'd better be there! Or else I'll be. Um. Sitting on Big Ben OvOb

QmQ I-I look derpy ohgod I can't even look at myself without OTLing!-sobs in a corner-

We need to RP again someday! XD
belphy Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Student General Artist
Cosplay is always a pleasure, of course. I don't quite get what is that "binding part" you mentioned...

I'm not quite sure if I am able to help you with your studies, it depends on what subjects you have, the subjects I have chosen are mostly related to art, since I'm terrible at maths and sciences. I will surely be there if I can, I'm only allowed to leave the school site at the weekends... But seriously how can you sit on Big Ben!?

*grabs you away from the bloody corner*
DiavoloKumo Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
You know~ When you have boobs and fats and you don't want them because the character is a hot male~

I mean, on the computer or something~ and derp I happen to be totally sucky in arts~ Maths and Sciences are my forte though. I'll have one subject that's from the arts stream so I'll need your help QmQ And if there's anything Maths or Science-ish I can help you out! OvOb Then we'll meet after our A's~ And then we sit on Big Ben together! Using Arthur's Fairy Magic! 8DD

FFF- *runs to another corner*
belphy Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Oh, did you need to use bandage for covering those things? I understand that terrible feeling, I used to use bandage when I first started to cosplay, but now I have a special vest instread of bandage, it feels alot better.

If you need any advice on drawing and painting I'd be glad to help you out, since that's the only ting I am good at.

And why is it that you are running away from me again?= =
DiavoloKumo Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012
I used duct tape, to be honest. Bad idea. XD Now I have scars all over! D:!!! I just received my special vest, though after trying it on it still looks kind of... lumpy? ;A; Help-

XD I think I need help with drawing bodies~ Oh and positions! And many more! Derp I think I need individual classes with you in person QmQ

I have no bloody idea, man~ /SHOTSHOTSHOT
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December 11, 2011